Just a few of the projects and products we have produced for ourselves and our customers.


Site: http://www.osping.com/

Description: OSPing is a set of online building blocks and tools for developers and system maintainers.


Site: http://www.obmetrics.com

Description: OBX is a server and service discovery, monitoring and reporting platform built for Ascend Six and used by many small to medium sized organizations.  Built in dynamic DNS support for Route 53, Rackspace and Cloudflare.

OBX Auth

Site: http://auth.app.ascend6.com

Flexible registration and authentication solution for any application.  Ready built APIs for Java Script, NodeJS, Perl, Python, PHP and Go. Simple API middleware for consolidating all your custom authentication for all your apps.  Supports multiple front-end protocols such as oAuth, 2FA, YubiKey and others.  Also supports multiple concurrent backends such as LDAP, AD, user/password, OTP and more.


Consolidate all your web forms into one system.  OBX Post receives any posted data and stores it in a database backend which can trigger additional events such as mail responses, notifications, or custom actions.  Support reCaptcha for spam prevention.  Provides realtime stats for all endpoints.  Middleware functions for sending out digest information for any configurable timeframe (hour, day, week, month, etc).


Send bulk or one off email, SMS, Slack, Mattermost, IRC, XMPP or other messages through a single API.  Includes support for templating.  Simple standardized JSON interface for all your outgoing messaging.  Ready built APIs for Java Script, NodeJS, Perl, Python, PHP and Go.


Custom mail server for robots.  Why use a huge complex mail server when you can simply let the robots receive your mail and act on it.  Works with OBX Post and OBX queue for automating any inbound email.


Simple service status page to report the status of your services.  Great for public or private dashboards.  Simple JSON or HTTP post / get interface.


Site: Request a Demo

Description: Titan is still under development.  Titan is an authentication and role management platform to manage the entire lifecycle of a user access request through termination.

Acid Chat

Site: http://acid.chat/

Description: Is a modern chat platform.  Still under development.

LoRa 9 Gateway

Description: Long Range 900Mhz IoT gateway appliance.  Also available in 433Mhz and 800Mhz (Europe only).  This device converts UHF messages over 900, 433 or 800Mhz frequencies to TCP messages for consumption by MQTT or REST service calls.  The devices can interface via Ethernet, WiFi and/or GSM.  Multiple devices can be installed at one site for better coverage or for determining location within a facility.