Powerful cloud-based messaging solution for communicating with your customers.  Support multiple communication methods in a single API.  Send email, SMS (text to phone), MMS (images to phone), Facebook messages, IRC, XMPP, Slack, Mattermost and more.


Our service is fast!  Our system is cloud based and auto scales depending on our workload.  A typical message will move through our system within a few seconds.  Our benchmark tests have shown that we can move thousands of messages per second.  Have you ever been frustrated when you click the “reset your password link” on a website and it takes 10 minutes for the email to arrive?  That will not happen with our service.  As stated, typical delivery of a message is only a few seconds.


Our simple JSON based API allows you to make a single web request and send a single email or many.  Sample code is available for multiple languages including Java, Java Script, NodeJS, Python, Curl, GoLang, PHP, Perl.

curl --request POST 
--url https://api.ascend6.com/v1/message/send 
--header "Authorization: APIKEY" 
--header "Content-Type: application/json"
--data '{
"to": [{"email":"test@example.com"}],
"subject": "Test Email",
"content": [{"type":"text/plain","data":"Welcome!"}]

You may ask why didn’t we provide the from address in the request above.  When you define an API key in the system the routing is already defined for that key.  So you simply define the recipient(s), subject and content or template to use.


Keep your web requests small by defining message templates and send only the values required to flesh out the email.  For example if you are sending a welcome message to a new user include the users email address and name.  Then specify the template to use and the message is sent.

Example Templates:

  • Account Creation Email
  • Validation Email or SMS
  • Password Reset
  • Purchase Receipt Email
  • Bulk Notification
  • Email Newsletter
  • Legal Notification
  • Promotional Messages

Archiving and Analytics

We log every message sent and can provide analytics in realtime.  We support transactional messaging as well as bulk messaging.  We can track, enforce and comply to opt-out requests from your customers.  All message data and recipient information is encrypted and can only be viewed by you.

Deployment Options

Our typical deployment is as a software as a service model, however we can also install our product within your infrastructure.  In the software as a service model we provide two options for sending email.  We can use our mail servers for all outbound email or we can integrate with your mail servers.  Integrating with your mail servers simply requires an email account in your mail system.  This gives you the ability to archive all outgoing email that we send.

Supported Protocols

  • Email
  • SMS (text to phone)
  • MMS (images to phone)
  • Facebook messages
  • IRC
  • XMPP
  • Slack
  • Mattermost
  • More….