Imagine your infrastructure just works.  Imagine an infrastructure with built-in automation, high availability, and on top of that, your architecture is entirely immutable.  Now, imagine that your developers don’t need to waste any time on any of it.  Our proven and standardized platform allows just that.  We manage the infrastructure while your developers manage the code.

In a Nutshell…

Our DevOps solution allows your developers to focus on building your applications faster.  Our DevOps Engineers and experts know how to operate and maintain the infrastructure you need to develop your applications.  Rather than hiring internally, leverage our processes and procedures to build faster and save.

We provide a secure and stable Docker and Kubernetes platform for you to build your application.  If you grow beyond our environment we can help with the deploy to Amazon, Google, Open Shift or another platform.

Standard tools included in the stack

We can customize the tools in your stack to meet the requirements of your applications. We include the following common development tools already containerized in the stack.

  • NGINX / Apache
  • Redis / Memcache
  • MySQL / Postgres / MariaDB
  • Mongo DB / Couch Base / Cassandra
  • Rabbit MQ / EMQTTD / Mosquito
  • LDAP – Lightweight Directory Authentication
  • Internal and External DNS

A Customized Kubernetes-based Platform to Suit your Company’s DevOps Needs

Every company needs infrastructure automation, high availability, and immutable architecture, but not every company should make this their core competency. You don’t write your own invoicing software, so why would you write your own ChatOps or deployment scripts?

Our automation builds faster and our senior engineers architect better.  We can lay down a stack for you and you can leverage the infrastructure for multiple development efforts in your company.  Utilizing our service for one or more of your development efforts costs far less than hiring a subject matter expert.

24 x 7 Support

We provide 24 x 7 always on support for your platform.  We will monitor the components relating to the platform 24 x 7.  If there is an issue or outage we will most likely be working to repair it before you even notice.  We provide normal business day support via chat for questions on how to best architect your application or for customization.  Phone and onsite support is available as an add-on or can be built-in to a custom enterprise solution at anytime.

Features and Pricing


Starts at $5000 / Month

2 Kubernetes Clusters (Dev / Integration and Prod)

3 Environments (Dev, Integration, Prod)

Slack or Mattermost Support

VPN Site to Site and Per User

Jenkins or CircleC integration

Dynamic DNS with Route53, Rackspace, CloudDNS

Centralized Logging with Elastic Search and Kibana

Normal Business Hours Slack Support


Starts at $7000 / Month

Everything in Silver

Dedicated DevOps Team

Phone Support


Contact us for pricing

Everything in Silver and Gold

Highly Custom Solution

Full Engagement in Agile Process

Application Engineering support


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