Introducing DevOps in a Box

We manage the infrastructure so you can focus on developing your products...faster.

Round the clock Support

Supported 24/7/365. Dedicated teams ensuring your infrastructure is always on.

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Secured platforms so you can focus on features. Identity and access management, single signon, centralized logging and compliance solutions to fit any need.

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Custom Solutions

Customized solutions for large enterprise and startups.

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Process Automation

Process Automation Dev Ops teams face many of the same pitfalls.  Many of which can be solved very simply with process automation. Status Updates Stakeholders, partners, and teammates need to know how a project is going and what blockers exist.  Especially if there is going to be an impact to the overall project schedule or…

Pop! OS Review

Pop! OS Review For those who don’t know, Pop! OS is a recently released, or rather soon to be released, Linux desktop OS from System76.  System76 is a hardware vendor dedicated to selling Linux based laptops, desktops and servers.  Pop! OS is based on Ubuntu and has an official release date scheduled for October 19th.…